British Miss Universe model urges people to #StandWithSomalia

Muna Jama, the model who represented Britain at this year’s Miss Universe contest, is urging people to #StandWithSomalia.

Muna has urged everyone to show their solidarity for Somalia after the horrific terror attack 14 October. At least 300 people were killed and another 200 injured when a lorry bomb was detonated in the centre of Mogadishu.

Five days later, the city is still clearing away the rubble – and the remains of loved ones – from the city.

Around 165 people have had to be buried without being identified, as their bodies were so burned they were beyond recognition.

Muna, who is a British woman of Somalian heritage, made history in August.

She became the first Miss Universe contestant to wear a kaftan rather than a bikini at the contest.

As her story gained worldwide attraction, she said: “I wouldn’t wear a bikin to the beach, so I’m not going to wear one in a competition to score points”.

As well as having spent time campaigning in the country, Muna has a lot of family and friends in Somalia.

However, she believes the media is being silent on the attack. She recently said where the mainstream media fails, the general public needs to step in.

‘It’s shocking because a typical Saturday in the western world is a day filled with happiness. It’s a day to recharge, to meet up with your family and your loved ones. So, to hear what happened in Somalia, considering I’m British-Somali myself, is just shocking,’ she said.

‘The numbers from the attack are just horrendous. Amongst the victims are young boys, young girls.

‘So many Somalis are homeless – and then, for this terror attack to happen… I guess we were all taken aback.’

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Photo Credit: Muna Jama

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