British mother jailed for joining Daesh

Tareena Shakil has been sentenced to six years for joining Daesh (ISIS) and encouraging terrorism on social media. The 26-year-old left her home in Birmingham in October of 2014, telling her family that she had booked a holiday.

Instead she took her 14-month-old son to Raqqa, the de facto capital of the terror network. Shakil was found guilty last week and is believed to be the first woman to stand trial whilst being accused of joining Daesh in Syria.

During sentencing in Birmingham a judge said that Shakil had told, “lie after lie” with no signs of remorse. The judge was particularly scathing of pictures showing Shakil’s baby son with weapons and wearing an IS balaclava.

Judge Inman stated, “The most abhorrent photographs were those taken of your son wearing a balaclava with an ISIS logo. And specifically the photograph of your son, no more than a toddler, standing next to an AK47 under a title which translated from the Arabic means ‘Father of the British Jihadi’’’.

The judge also said it was “far from clear” exactly what Shakil had done in Raqqa, however she claimed that she spent two and a half months in a house for unmarried women before deciding she had “made a mistake” and escaping across the Turkish border. Counter terrorism officers arrested her after she flew in to Heathrow.

Outside the court her father reacted with anger, pretending to punch a cameraman and shouting that he hoped no other woman would come back “to face this kind of b*******”. Shakil had denied joining Daesh and encouraging terrorism on Facebook and Twitter.

Shakil’s father, Mohammed, has commented on his daughter’s imprisonment, he said, “This is a stitch up by MI5 and MI6 because she did not help them, she could not help them. This is a fix up between the prosecution, the defence lawyers, this is all that”. She’ll devote herself even more to God, that’s what she’ll do”.

Shakil’s six-year sentence is made up of four years for joining IS and two years for encouraging acts of terror. She will be entitled to release on parole after three years.

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