Brixton’s #BlackLivesMatter rally

As a result of the rising death toll of citizens at the hands of police in both the UK and USA, a huge rally was held in Brixton on 9 July in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

This year alone in the US, 136 Black Americans have been killed by police officers, with the youngest victim, Jorevis Scruggs, losing his life at the age of 15.

The rally was organised by London Black Revs in reaction to these statistics and attracted a huge supporting crowd of campaigners.

The march started at Brixton’s Windrush Square at 4pm, and moved along Brixton road to the police station, Gresham Road and Coldharbour Lane, before blocking off the road at the junction outside the Town Hall. The rally brought many streets to a standstill and traffic was halted for hours as local buses were rerouted.

The Facebook event page implored people to “Stand in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters murdered by the Hands of Police Brutality”.

Vincent Lee, 37, and his partner Jessica Osibona told the Press Association they came to the march as a mark of solidarity of the events in the US over the past week.

Mr Lee said “It is a mess. Predominantly it is happening in America with their gun laws but we came down to show we are united with them”.

Multiple signs held by supports read:

“Fight police brutality. Fight Racism. Fight imperialism”

“The real ops are the cops”

“It’s time to fight back now”

“Yes. All lives matter, but we’re focussed on the black ones right now, ok? Because it’s very apparent our juridical system doesn’t know that. Plus if you can’t see why we’re explaining #BlackLivesMatter you are part of the problem”.

“Why is there more outrage over a gorilla being put down than a black life being executed?”
“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”.

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Photo credit:Mike Urban – Ruptly TV

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