Brothers contest ownership of The Gap Band

R&B legend ‘Uncle’ Charlie Wilson is having a dispute with his brother over who should has ownership of The Gap Band, and over who should be collecting their earnings.

Ronnie Wilson has filed a lawsuit claiming that Charlie is derailing his attempts to launch a comeback tour. In the documents Ronnie states that he has recently booked 2 big live events, one at B.B King Blues Club and Grill in New York and the other at Howard Theatre in Washington D.C.

Ronnie claims that after he sealed the deals Charlie, who left the band in 2009, had his representatives intervene and somehow interfere with the bookings.

Ronnie, who is the elder Wilson, has confirmed that all three venues cancelled negotiations whilst also emphasising that the band existed for years before Charlie joined in 1972. Despite Charlie being the lead singer in the band, Ronnie is adamant that all rights relating to the group belong to him.

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