Brutal police officer: 8 million outraged – Watch

‘Brutality and cowardice at its most profound’ is the only way to describe the horrific behaviour of a white police officer who drew a gun at a pool party, threw a 14-year old black girl in a bikini to the ground and knelt on her back for several minutes.

The shocking video that emerged on Saturday was filmed by a bystander in McKinney, Texas then uploaded to YouTube. It has since attracted more than 8 million views.

If you have a functioning heart, this video will make your blood gurgle. Corporal Eric Casebolt is seen pulling the girl’s hair and pinning her down for several minutes, shouting “On your face” as he forcefully shoved her head into the ground. Seconds earlier, he punches another black teenage girl in the face as she tries to help the girl off the ground.

As if America is not riddled with enough racial tension already, eye-witnesses at the scene state that the officers were only approaching black teenagers whilst their white counterparts were left to walk unperturbed.

One male teenager can be heard saying to Casebolt “Sir I just came for the birthday party”, before he is pushed to the ground, sworn at and yelled at by the officer.

The officer has been suspended. Whilst that will receive numerous nods of approval across the world, a rally has been organised to call for his firing.

Not only was the conduct of the officer the main concern, but the fact that there was no female officers present at a teenage pool party has raised many questions.

“These are children and this [the officer] is abusive. You do not kneel on a 14 year old girl. There also doesn’t appear to be a female officer present which I find very suspicious. These children were completely exposed, in bikinis and these officers are man handling them. It’s disgusting”, activist Kathryn Braid said.

A dozen police officers had responded to reports that teenagers not from the residential community, who therefore did not have permission to use the pool, had refused to leave.

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