Budding Entrepreneur at The University of Manchester

Twenty year-old budding jewellery designer Amira, originally from Baltimore, Marlene, America is a budding entrepreneur at The University of Manchester in her second year studying Innovation and Sustainability which teaches entreprenurialship.

“I’ve always been really interested in fashion and art but I wasn’t very fashion orientated. So one day I was like super bored and I just wanted to make something cool. I tried button earrings first. I failed as they were terrible,” laughed Miss Battle. She continued to explain that she feels that her mother, a writer, is responsible for her creativity and has always expressed her wish for Amira to ‘go off and do something’.

“I decided to do something with my hands in about 2013 as I love to paint, and then I started looking into clay which allowed me to create, mould and paint all at the same time.”

Amira’s most popular pieces are her custom-made watches which appeal to most young people – though not exclusively – and their desire to be unique. “People love that the straps are often bespoke and are usually designed for an outfit or special occasions they are really so different,” she says.

Amira says she does intend to head back home after she has finishes her stint in university and hopefully after completing a Masters degree, but her fashion will remain accessible to the UK via the internet.

This young lady is a shining example to us all for how a thought can turn into a reality and how with the right support and advice you can transform a hobby into the beginnings of a thriving business.

For more information or to make any purchases please visit www.amonaiedesigns.com.

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