Burga Boy’s now KING BURGA’ From boy to KING

‘Colin Burgher aka Burga Boy aka King Burga is a 24 year old music artist, label owner, producer, events manager, youth worker oh and a DJ’.

A brief introduction

Colin was born and raised in Longsight, Manchester. It seems his Jamaican parents and subsequent siblings are a family who all love the spoken word with a mother who sings and poet for a sister.

It was whilst living in Jamaica for a year at the tender age of 12 that Colin himself began to sing.  During his time in JA Colin joined a school choir to hone his craft although, he confesses, his mother says he’s been singing since he was two.

In his teens, Colin turned his hand to producing and then DJing was then next on his mission of accomplishments.

From Burga Boy to King Burga

Colin’s stage name is pretty obvious and yet- because it’s a rare name- still somewhat original. Burga Boy was the child hood nickname given to him by his peers and, as he says, “I just stuck with it, it was nothing I really thought through it just took off as my last name is Burgher they just added the boy so it just made sense to me.

“Now with King Burga I still wanna keep my name because it is my last name but yet still I learnt a lot about my history about black people and I’ve just grown up, I’m not a boy anymore.

“I’m taking control of my destiny; when I say KING BURGA it means I’m gonna show why I feel I’m a king and living the life I deserve to live, so that’s really where the king comes from.”

A man of many talents

“I really love singing and each thing that I do, I love doing it. The events management no word of a lie is the hardest and that’s just because I’m not a good planner but with my creative side i.e the singing, producing and rapping- they are all different. I sing every day and rap; I just love making them smart and witty.”

When asked if he freestyles, Burga laughs, “I freestyle to myself, I won’t really freestyle in front of anyone else, I don’t wanna say anything that will make me go arggghhh!”

Colin alludes he wouldn’t mind writing for others and then lets us inside, “In fact one girl did a few of my songs, and with one of my new ones called ‘IS’ I couldn’t help but think that would have sounded good with a girls voice and I would do that, because the way she sang it kind of gave it a different dimension.”

When speaking about what he wants from his budding career, Burga explains it’s not all about being a commercial artist, “It’s about making music and loving it and getting it to sound the best it can sound,” regardless of who sings his songs or uses his beats, he claims.

Burga shared how he has always been very possessive over his songs and mix tapes, especially the one he released last year, he held on to it for a long time because “I didn’t want it to be wasted but I found that I was limiting myself. Now I don’t hold back.”

The great debate

On to the great debate that is Manchester music, something that Burga has some strong opinions about… “I feel people like things other people like, for example with my bassline everyone liked it and now with the newer music I make it’s a slower process. A lot of people don’t want to accept that I changed but at the same time a lot have and appreciate what I do; I try and surround myself with positive people.”

When asked about the raw talent in Manchester and how well he thinks he fares, it became clear that Colin believes in himself. The drive and confidence he exudes is a testament to his good upbringing and spiritual values.

“I personally think some people are scared of people that believe in themselves.”

TNT asked about his views on the increase of emerging talent in Manchester and the chosen few being featured on mainstream television, “I would say I’m indifferent to it. I feel like they have damaged Manchester, they don’t try and help anyone or anybody else.

“There are people who even feel and look at me the same way without even speaking to me and asking or understanding what I’m trying to do.”  The difference with Burga, he says, “‘As soon as I get to a level where I can help then I will help, people think I won’t but I absolutely will.

“Misha B could have done more, reached out and, I feel, help create something, like a platform for people. Obviously it’s not Misha B’s job to look after or help everybody or Cleo’s job to make anybody successful but helping is important to me, even at my level I help where I can. Maybe they don’t have control – I’m staying in control of my career so that can’t happen, nobody can tell me I can’t help.”

We shift the passionate artists focus back to himself by asking about who he’s feeling at the moment, “I’ve only seen a few that I like.  I like Shoa she’s really good and Bugzy his music is crazy! I rate Wrigz he’s been on it for a long time and he’s a hard worker along with R.I.O he works hard too.”

As is usually the case when talking to Mancunian musicians the conversation moves in to talking about the ever-present south.  Burga thinks Londoners “get a lot of shine” and are seen to be at the forefront of music in the UK because they work together and that’s what makes thing happen.

“The problem with Manchester is that artists don’t study the music and they don’t understand marketing. In Manchester there’s a lot of talented people, I don’t believe they know how to focus and where and that’s exactly like me, I didn’t know. Like with the bassline, if I had more knowledge of the industry I believe I would have been able to push it way further than it went.  Manchester artists have the ability to make a strong scene but we just need to focus on building the buzz.”

A new path

Despite feeling like he should be further along in his career than what he is, Burga says he is no longer in a rush to get there (“Everyone wants to be big straight away; we all want to be working with Dr. Dre!”).

His personal goals for 2015 include releasing an album and headlining his own nationwide tour, strong objectives for someone who also plans to stick to his promise to help others by working with fellow youth ambassador Kemoy Walker to put on an event for up and coming Manchester talent.

The tour shouldn’t be much of a problem as Burga has already overcome a rather big challenge by holding his own concert not only on the same night that Joe, Ginuwine and 112 came to town but in the same building.

“I was like, ‘That’s the day and I’m sticking to it’ and then they came out with their date and maybe it could have been more beneficial if I had of changed but the fact is I had a good night, I think that was a good thing for me!”

And it certainly was, King Burga lived up to his new name, holding his own against the Kings of R ‘n’ B

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