Burning Samsung Note 7 to resell

Samsung has announced it could refurbish and sell some of the millions of Note 7 smartphones that were recalled for safety reasons.

The company is trying to manage its stockpile in an “environmentally friendly” manner.

The world’s largest smartphone maker said it would sell Note 7s as “refurbished phones or rental phones” after consulting regulators in various markets.

Samsung recalled an estimated four million of the phones over concerns that batteries could overheat and burst into flames.

Authorities in the US and elsewhere banned them from use on planes and even from being placed in checked luggage.

After an investigation, Samsung in January blamed faulty batteries.

The recalled phones could pose an environmental hazard if handled as waste.

A Samsung statement said that the devices would be “recycled and processed in an environmentally friendly manner” with any salvageable components detached for reuse and metals extracted by specialist recycling companies.

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Photo Credit: BBC News

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