Buttress sacked after being cleared in court.

A senior Greater Manchester Police officer who was cleared of mortgage fraud at Liverpool Crown Court in January has now been sacked. Greater Manchester police’s John Buttress was cleared of property-related allegations but at a police tribunal Monday, he has been fired, almost nine months later, for ‘gross misconduct’.

Greater Manchester Police said John Buttress had “fallen below the accepted standards” of honesty after breaching professional standards over his mortgage.

Despite the BBC applying for access in to the tribunal whilst arguing that the story was in the public’s interest, the tribunal was held in private and began last week. Greater Manchester Police confirmed that Mr. Buttress had been fired with immediate effect.

However Mr. Buttress claims that following his clearing in court he has been the subject on an enquiry following “disagreements with management”. Mr. Buttress told the court that strife emerged within his workplace whilst he was leading a new stop-and-search programme in 2012, which proved unpopular with many officers. He also claims that he was targeted as a result of standing up for an Asian colleague who had supposedly suffered racially motivated ill treatment. In a statement Buttress said, “I was clearly wrong to assume that the process conducted by Greater Manchester Police would be fair, transparent and open to public scrutiny”.

GMP said that Mr. Buttress deviated from the law when he applied for a ‘specific’ mortgage relating to a domestic farmhouse that he then rented out as a holiday home. Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said that Mr. Buttress also “Applied for two lots of single persons discount for council tax on two different properties, when aware that he was only entitled to one”. A report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission found failings in staff performance and evidence of a ‘concerning culture within a GMP custody unit.

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