C4 ENTERTAINMENT Wrigz ‘PROJECT X’ Official Launch Party

Parental advisory is advised for the explicit content on the new CD of the self proclaimed “Independent Hussler” Wrigz’s long awaited album Project X.
“I decided I was done with allowing the industry to construct my goals and potentially define who I am. I wanted to get back in touch with every aspect of what I want and who I actually am, whilst respecting the need to express through my art. I thought back to the beginning; where did my values lie? When did the understanding of respect, love, pride, and dignity become over shadowed with concepts of money, views, fame, attention and status?
“I decided it was time to ‘X’ out the bullshit! It’s like possessing an identity given to me by a slave master, with that said I was able to revert back to the essence and find my true identity within music and at that point I realised…this is rebel music… It’s time to Rebel!”
Wrigz chose Malcom X to be on the artwork for the album as this man was the epitome of a true activist and rebel with the ultimate cause.
The Project X launch party was held on Sunday 7 June at Fallow Cafe, Landcross Road. A highly anticipated event as the grime scene has been awaiting Wrigz’s next album to drop.
The event was a private, invitation- only affair which saw, of course, the man himself Daniel Wrigley -more commonly known as Wrigz- and many more grime artists such as Liquid, Shoa and King Burga.
The highlight of this evening filled with poetic justice, political philosophy, activism and conscious words was the cypher. For those of you unfamiliar with a cypher, it’s when a group of artists take it in turns to spit bars about life’s woes, politics and real talk one after the other in a continuous cycle.
Bars were spat by Wrigz, Shoa, Liquid, OG and SBD to name a few which was done with effortless flow which ignited the atmosphere. The heat was intense as the lyrics were spat from the phenomenal hyped segment and grand finale of the evening. It was well worth the wait.
Grime is one of the UK’s greatest musical exports right about now and a genre of music from which Wrigz and many others are rising like a phoenix from the merciless pit of the music industry that isn’t showing these artists enough love, often describing their music as not radio friendly and ‘too gritty’.
Understand this, GRIME is the UK’S and it’s our time to shine.
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