Calls for Rochdale MP to resign after indecent texts

The pressure is building on MP Simon Danczuk as calls for him to resign intensify, after he admitted to sending vulgar texts to a 17-year-old girl. The Rochdale MP has blamed a “drink problem” for the sexually explicit messages that he sent to the schoolgirl.

Mr. Danczuk has been suspended from the Labour Party while an investigation in to his demeanour unfolds. Former Liberal Democrat councillor Liz Thirsk is now amongst several asking why he has not resigned as an MP. Responding to Mr. Danczuk’s explanation as to why he sent the texts when drunk, Ms. Thirsk asked, “If he was a school teacher would that be allowed, or if he was a social worker?”.

Ms. Thirsk, who is organising a demonstration on Monday outside the MP’s constituency office, added, “We are going to ask for him- if he’s there – to come out and tell us why he wont resign. Would the fact that I was drunk be an excuse?”.

Claire Hamilton, Mr. Danczuk’s former partner, has said that the news had led her to end their relationship. She stated, “When he did confess to texting a teenage girl, it was definitely over. Simon hasn’t got a stop button when he starts to drink”.

The MP has apologised “unreservedly” and has said that he intended to discuss with his constituents matters relating to his private life. Mr. Danczuk remarked, “It is for the residents of Rochdale to determine who the MP for Rochdale is. I’ve been very clear about what issues I’ve addressed personally and I’ll continue to do that”.

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Photo credit: Simon Danczuk

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