Cardi B sets historic Billboard record


Cardi B had a successful 2017 but it looks like 2018 is shaping up to be even better for her. The rapper has set a historic US Billboard record.

‘Bartier Cardi’, ‘La Modelo’ had strong debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 (14, 52) but she’s also just broken a huge record in the US.

She is the first rapper to have her first three Hot 100 hits be in the US Top 10 at the same time.

This week, Cardi’s G-Eazy feature ‘No Limit’ is Number 4 on the Hot 100.  Her Migos and Nicki Minaj collaboration ‘MotorSport’ remains at Number 7. Her Number 1 smash ‘Bodak Yellow’ zooms back up to Number 10.

The only other artists who have also scored this massive feat are Ashanti and the Beatles.

Cardi took to Instagram to celebrate the huge achievement and thank her fans and God for all their love and support. She wrote: “What a great way to start my Year. Thank you, Lord. Only you and I know how much I pray to you”.

She then added: “Thanks guys for showing my second single BARTIER CARDI some love”.

With ‘Bartier Cardi’ already rising up the charts, it is possible that it could go Top 10 too.

We at TNT wish her all the best and would like to congratulate her on the incredible achievement.

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Photo Credit: Dgainer94

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