Caribbean Carnival Of Manchester entrance fee fury

With the carnival season already underway, there is a build-up in anticipation to what will be the 46th Caribbean Carnival of Manchester (CCOM).

However this year, TNT has received many concerns in regards to the CCOM’s new entrance fee. Never has the yearly community event requested visitors to pay to enter the park, hence the queries and revolt over the new change.

Reportedly, each adult will have to pay £1.00 to enter the park, whilst children are expected to pay £0.50 each for the historic carnival. Whilst the festival has been running for 45 years in Manchester, 43 of these memorable years were based in Alexandra Park. For the other two years, CCOM temporarily moved to Platt Fields Park while its old base underwent a huge renovation project.

“In times of national austerity and council cut backs the carnival has found it increasingly difficult to raise the investment needed to deliver carnival weekend”, the carnival committee states in the announcement.

The Nubian Times contacted both Alexandra Park events committee and Manchester City Council and the response is as follows:

A Manchester City Council spokesperson said: “We have not agreed to the idea of an entrance charge for the Caribbean Carnival and are in discussions with the organisers to establish the best way forward.”

Some members of the community have since voiced their frustrations over the reported entrance fee via social media. A few cited it [the fee] is well out of their means in addition to the rising cost of living, not to mention the ‘over-priced’ food and drinks for children and families in the park at the carnival.

On a side note, as part of the Alexandra Park ‘arts forum and events group’, an appeal for groups and individuals to come together to make a super group that will create a float and costumes celebrating the Park, has been launched.

All costumes produced will be featured in; the Manchester Day on Sunday 19 June (the theme this year is Eureka), CCOM on Saturday 13 August and on The Park’s celebration day on either 17 or 18 September.

Running from 6pm to 8.30pm, the workshop dates include 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 and 13 June, whereby all are welcome to come along to the costume and float workshops.

The sessions are taking place at the Park depot which is in the car park off Smalldale Avenue/ Russell Street, apart from Saturday 4 June which will take place in the Pavilion.

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Photo Credit: CCOM

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