Caroline Daniel: local naturopath and herbalist

Caroline Daniel is a naturopath and herbalist who works within the community, providing an alternative treatment to pharmaceutical drugs.

TNT spoke to Caroline; she told us more about her business and the role she fulfils.

Caroline’s herbal business was established in 2010. She says that the founding of the business fulfilled her desire to practise as an herbalist.

Most importantly, Caroline wanted to “help people with health challenges”. This is especially as many of these people “are not responding to doctor’s treatments”. Caroline’s herbal treatments take a different approach, working on a mind and body level.

Caroline has much experience in medical and pharmaceutical industries. She has over 12 years of experience and has worked closely with GPs and hospitals. Her experience in this field taught her “a lot about the limitations of pharmaceutical medicine”.

Caroline says that pharmaceutical drugs “suppress symptoms and cause side effects” which “in turn also need to be treated”. Caroline understands that individuals must “work with” the body and “listen” to the “messages it sends as symptoms”.

Caroline’s services are beneficial to the public as she offers a “unique perspective”. Her services are especially unique as she uses iridology to assist the selection of herbs, foods and supplements.

It is Caroline’s passion to help people change their lives for the better. Her own life experiences have shaped the way she delivers her services; they have taught her “extra techniques”.

Caroline works within the Manchester and Wilmslow area from several different venues. She runs workshops, talks and classes. These workshops “enable people to understand where they are in their health journey and how to move forward”.

On a Thursday, Caroline can be found at Hulme Community Garden Centre. Members of the community can contact Caroline for more information on the location of venues and details of events. Contact Caroline on 07736964479 or send an email to

Caroline offers a unique service, inspiring members of the local community to work on improving their wellbeing.

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Photo Credit: Caroline Daniel


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