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CCTV footage of man suspected of attack in Salford – Watch

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) detectives investigating at attack on a woman in Ellesmere Park, have released CCTV footage and an e-fit of the suspect.

The incident took place at around 6.20am on Tuesday 23 February 2016, when the 24-year-old victim was walking along Half Edge Lane in Ellesmere Park, Salford.

The CCTV clearly shows the offender follow the victim, getting ever closer until he finally pounced on the woman just out of the camera’s view.

He placed his hand over the victim’s mouth and the other around her waist, picking her up and carrying her several feet down the street and onto a driveway.

The offender then dropped her to the floor and lay on top of her, before saying: “Oh, you’re not the person I thought you was”.

He then stood up and ran off, leaving the victim cowering on the ground.

The offender is described as white, in his late 20s, around 5ft 11in, with an athletic build and sand-coloured hair. He was wearing a hi-visibility jacket and trousers.

Detective Sergeant Karl Dalton said: “This is an unusual incident, seemingly involving a case of mistaken identity.

“This woman thankfully was left uninjured by her attacker, but make no mistake she has been through an utterly terrifying ordeal and it is vitally important we identify and detain this man.

“His words suggest that another woman may be the real target, so it is imperative we find him before another innocent person is subjected to a similar assault.

“If you recognise this man, please contact police as soon as possible and you could prevent another woman becoming a victim”.

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