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Kenya Moore’s has come under fire many a time, from ‘Shady’ Phaedra Parks in regards to her ‘jail bird’ husband Apollo and their flirting shenanigans.

‘Twirl’ has struggled throughout the whole series of Housewives of Atlanta to find a suitable mate, since the fiasco that was Walter, Lol, Ooops.

Now it seems Kenya is gonna have ‘shady, Shade’ thrown her way at the next reunion as apparently her man is married!

You can hear Naynay now, Not Nene but her alter ego. Why everybody got to blame it on an imaginary third party thou? Ladies own your s**t.


Oh lord, he’s at it again, Tiger woods splits from girl because of cheating?


Tyga and Blac Chyna have entered a bitter custody battle over their two kids. Tyga is claiming Blac is only angling for custody because she can’t handle the fact Tyga is now with Kylie Jenner.

Now peeps, lets get this straight, when Tyga was asked just a few weeks ago by his friend Chris Brown, if he was ‘hitting that’ he reply to ‘The Breakfast Club’ (US) that they were in fact just good friends whom enjoyed each others company. Remember ladies and gents, Kylie just turned 16-years old by all accounts.

Shame on you Tyga! Lets hope no-one does that to your daughter, Chris Jenner, what’s your stance on all this? Hmmm.


Ending on a positive note, Fabulous and long term girlfriend Emily bustasante celebrated mother’s day in style whilst simultaneously shutting down rumours that they’re headed to splitsville.



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