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Celebrity roundup: Insta insanity


Who invented Instagram and why? If it was so self-indulgent celebrities could get more attention from both delighted and dismayed fans and haters then they’ve done a good job.

Every week a celebrity posts a controversial photo of some sort but they seem to be posting by the truckload lately. Have a look at some of TNT’s top picks from recent times.

Miley Cyrus– the wrecked Wrecking Ball singer showed us all what once was with a ‘then and now’ of her during her sweet Hannah Montana days to how she is now. Even though we have followed her every move and know what she’s about, the comparison pic was a shock to the system.

Amber Rose posted yet another nearly-naked photo of her bodacious body. Yes Amber, we all know you’re on fire physically but one can’t help but question what’s lacking for your relationships to never work out? Harsh, but true. If this is an attempt to make ex-husband Wiz Khalifa jealous it looks as if he’s had the last laugh if that tat’ on your arm of his grinning face is anything to go by…

Kim Kardashian West-Not so much an Instagram photo but a whole book of snaps. A. Whole. Book! Mrs West threatened to release this glorified photo album last year and here it finally is. Entitled Selfish, it is 300+ pages of selfies taken by Kim. What’s most incredulous, though, is that people are actually buying it!

Now, there’s always that one person that takes their photo sharing way too far and this week it’s comedian Mike Epps. The Friday actor uploaded a photo of slaves in a cotton field being whipped by an overseer. Nothing we haven’t seen before, right? Wrong! In this one, the slaves were white, the overseer was black and- this is where the controversy comes in- Martin Luther King Jr. was looking down from the sky, smiling.

Epps captioned the photo as MLK saying: “I’m so proud of you bro! Lol” Bad move, Mike. Very bad move. After receiving criticism from people of all colour the usually funny comedian removed the photo and issued an apology. By this time though the picture had already been screenshotted hundreds of times and is now circulating social media, meaning Mike probably won’t get to live this down for a while.

Tease of the week has to go to Lady Gaga who posted a photo of herself with one of Britain’s finest exports, Adele. The pic sparked rumours that a duet could be on the cards for the singers. Adele is slowly coming back in to the limelight after taking time out to have a baby.

Speaking of comebacks, somebody hit the lights because Christina Milian is back! The singer and actress now has her own reality show on E! called Christina Milian Turned Up. Due to air in the UK on Sunday, this makes us wonder if the ‘are they aren’t they’ alleged romance with YMCMB rapper Lil’ Wayne has been kept quiet (badly) as a bit of a stunt to get ratings for her show. Only time will tell…

TNT News Siobhan White

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