Central Library hosts open mic event

A free open mic event for emerging musicians is to be held at Central Library on Friday 24 February.

Musicians, rappers, poets and MCs will be welcomed at the event that will be held from 2-4pm.

Hosted by Rhythm and Words (RAW), the event offers participants to perform in one of the city’s most iconic buildings. The event will provide performers the opportunity to showcase new work in a welcoming atmosphere or simply listen to others.

The open mic event marks the culmination of Found Sounds, a 5-day creative take over of Manchester Central Library. The project is produced by Brighter Sound for 15 young musicians, DJS, freestylers and composers.

The week will see participants use Central Library as a base and will be provided access to special library archives. With this, the musicians will be able to experiment with the sample and capture original ‘found’ sounds. In doing so, what will be produced will reflect Manchester’s rich musical past and present.

The sound archive of the library is home to more than 2,000 audio files. These files include local history as well as extensive jazz and folk collections. The collections demonstrate Manchester’s position among the world’s great music cities.

Found Sounds participant Morgan Harper-Jones, 20, said: “I’m really excited to be able to unlock all the things that are possible with music technology.


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