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Chairman Blackened his face for Halloween finally apologies


After sparking outrage by blackening is face and dressing up as Bob Marley for Halloween, the leader of an Apache tribe in Arizona has apologised – calling the costume a “poor choice”.

Terry Rambler, the chairman of the San Carlos Apache had posted a picture online wearing dreadlocks, a Marley T-shirt and face paint while flashing a peace sign. Rambler says he did not mean to offend anyone but realises he did.

“I will continue to ask my Creator for forgiveness, as I am not perfect, but I realise asking for forgiveness means not repeating the action,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

To many, this may just be seen as another case of racial ignorance, but considering he is an activist in the cause of stopping the Washington Redskins (an American football team) from using the derogatory name, it’s a little hard to fathom he would do what he did.

Continually regretting his choice, Rambler later added on his Facebook account that “There is no one to blame but me”.

TNT News

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