Chairman questioned after Kids Company collapses


On 2 December 2015, Alan Yentob resigned from his £183,000 a year job as BBC Creative Director. Following speculation around his involvement within failed charity Kids Company, Mr. Yentob has also stepped down from his role as Chairman of Trustees within the charity.

The 68-year-old has faced heavy scrutiny for his alleged role in the financial mismanagement of the organisation, whilst facing claims that he tried to influence the BBC’s coverage of the charity’s demise. The BBC Trust will lead the investigation into Yentob’s supposed dual roles.

The charity folded on 5 August 2015 – six days after receiving a £3m grant in a last ditch attempt to keep it afloat.

Despite Yentob and fellow owner Ms. Batmanghelidjh claiming that the charity was in financial disarray, former seniors at Kids Charity have denied that the charity was struggling in a financial sense.

The collapse of Kids Company appears even more dubious considering Ms. Batmanghelidjh’s harrowing and racist public presence. The 52-year-old previously said that, “black women are hugely responsible for the family breakdown, which fuels crime”, she also stated “black men are usually seen as the irresponsible ones who got girls pregnant and walked off”.

In a statement Yentob hints at being used as a scapegoat for the BBC, he remarked, “The BBC is going through particularly challenging times and I have come to believe that the speculation about Kids Company and the media coverage revolving around my role is proving a serious distraction”.

Yentob will continue to be employed by the BBC and will still present the ‘Imagine’ programme.

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Photo credit: Kristeen – London UK

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