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Challenging Extremism in Manchester



SASCA is community organisation that works with refugees. Such as Somali’s, Libyan, Moroccans, Algerians, Egyptians and Sudanese families in South Manchester. SASCA teamed up with The Salam Project to deliver several workshops on Jihadist, Extremism/Radicalisation awareness.

SASCA are proactively working in the Moss Side area with numerous Mosques, youth, female and community organisations. They recruited Ismael Lea South, the director of The Salam Project to deliver workshops in community centres, Mosques and youth clubs.  The Salam Project have over 12 years of grassroots experience in counter extremism and de-radicalisation work around the UK.

SASCA said’ Our community need to learn and understand more about extremism and what we as a community can do to challenge it’

Ismael Lea South, the director of The Salam Project stated “Working with SASCA has been a great honour and inspiring. They are well connected in the South Manchester area. We, The Salam Project have pledged to  support, initiate and instigate more anti extremism initiatives in the Moss Side community. This will include resettlement with ex offenders, gang intervention, interfaith and more community engagement”

On May 22nd last year,  Manchester witnessed one of the worst ever terror attacks and atrocities.  SASCA have pledged to host more initiatives and projects to make sure peace reigns supreme in Manchester.

This initiative, is a step in the right direction to tackle and challenge extremism in urban communities.  We are willing to work in partnership with any genuine organisation (who share our values) in our work.

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Photo Credit: SASCA

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