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Changes to wedding laws could save couples thousands

Until you start planning a wedding, there is quite a lot you do not know about wedding laws in England. For instance, did you know that it is not possible, in England at least, to get married outside?

However, this might be about to change. If you have ever been to an outdoor wedding, like at a location shown here, then the couple in question will have had to do the legal bit at another venue, one which has already been cleared to hold legal weddings. Thanks to a 180-year-old law, in England you can only get legally married in a fixed structure.

So, unless your guests sit outside and you are under a structure, no legal wedding. Currently most couples get around this issue by having their legal wedding at a registry office and then having their ‘wedding-wedding’ in front of their loved ones in paradise like the one at Tredilion Park.

However, there are now moves to change these rules, bringing England (and Wales’) wedding rules in line with Scotland. In Scotland there is a more relaxed policy. The country allows brides and grooms to get married in a wider variety of locations, including outside.

As well as giving couples more choice, this move will also allow couples to save money. Instead of having to pay a licenced venue to host the wedding ceremony, couples will be able to take their pick of locations.

The average cost of a location to get married currently stands at £4,500.

‘While the laws around who can get married have evolved substantially in recent years, the laws on how and where marriages must take place have remained largely unchanged since 1836,’ a Treasury spokesperson told The Guardian.

‘This review will help the law keep pace with modern Britain, while helping people keep the cost of living down.’

So, if you’re currently planning a wedding, you might want to hold off on booking a ceremony venue for a few weeks, in case you end up saving yourself a lot of money.

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Photo Credit: Virginia State Parks

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