Changing our ways?


Currently it seems like climate change resides in the backs of people’s minds.

It’s easy to choose our immediate comfort over the distant effect of climate change – “It’s raining outside, I’d be happier using the car”, “I need my clothes now, the tumble-dryer is quicker” or even “I forgot to turn off my lights, oh well, I’m late”.

But then, you turn on the TV and witness the real struggle…

In November, Southern India experienced abnormally heavy rainfall (300% above their average amount). This created colossal floods that claimed around 300 lives, and left almost 3 million stranded from basic services.

Southern Australia was set alight in November by raging forest fires, which destroyed over 85,000 hectares and 87 homes.

Early December, Cumbria saw the aftermath of record-breaking rainfall and severe flooding that left thousands needing to be rescued and 60,000 without power.

The unavoidable truth is that climate change was partly responsible for these disasters. On average over 60,000 people die each year because of the effects of climate change, so isn’t it time we start making the effort, give up using the car and walk?

TNT Growing Pains Anna Seifu


Photo Credit: Bob Embleton

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