Charity cyclists have six specialist bikes stolen

A charity cyclist has made an emotional bid to recover six specialist bikes that were stolen from her home in Orrell, Wigan. The bikes were stolen from the owner’s garage at around 2.30am on 12 December 2015. The owner asserted that all the bikes had a bike lock on them, the night before they were stolen.

The victim and her husband had been planning on using the bikes to compete in several charity events this year, including the Bradford Youth Exchange. To date, none of the bikes have been recovered.

The owner and victim, Claire Calland has stated “This year my aim was to race in a number of competition level events to raise money for a number of charities. Unfortunately, I’m now limited to the events I can enter. The bikes were extremely personal to us- my downhill bike for example was hand built in our kitchen after I sourced all of the parts individually”.

Claire also added “The sad thing is, every one of those bikes was an anniversary or birthday present. Our bikes have accompanied us on every adventure and are the ‘glue’ in our marriage. They are our common ground: our shared passion. They have travelled across the UK and Europe”.

PC Ian Corcoran from Wigan Police Station has remarked “It’s not just Claire and her husband that have lost out, but the charities too and I would call on people with any information to help us get these bikes back quickly. All six bikes are very distinctive and I would urge anyone who knows where they are being hidden or offered for sale to do the honourable thing and call the police”.

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