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Chico to still come to Manchester despite suffering stroke

Despite suffering a stroke from which he was rushed to hospital, former X Factor star Chico is apparently determined to attend a charity fundraiser in Manchester next weekend.

Chico’s Rainbow Child and Block Fit are hosting an evening of giving dedicated to three charities on Saturday, September 29 at the Lowry in Manchester. The charities are the James Bulger Memorial Trust, Balls to Cancer and Chico’s own Rainbow Child foundation.

A “dear friend” of Chico has praised his “heart of gold” and commitment to charity the 47-year-old celebrity’s stroke.

“So Chico Slimani being Chico…. of course will not let anyone down and despite suffering a Stroke will be there next Saturday raising money for amazing charities!” Jac Cassidy wrote in a Facebook post.

“This will be an awesome night and many celebs are confirmed to be attending, as well as performing!!!”

The singer, best known for his hit single “Chico Time”, became something of a TV icon after appearing on the reality singing contest in 2005, thanks to his tongue-in-cheek attitude and energetic performances.

He went on to appear on a number of reality shows, including Dancing On Ice, where finished in first place. He has also taken part in a number of celebrity specials, such as a stunt showcase on Total Wipeout, and contributes to several different charity projects.

His agent told The Mirror that he suffered the stroke three days ago and is now undergoing further tests.

“We can confirm that Chico has sadly suffered a stroke. This has been a great shock to Chico, his wife and their two children, also his close friends and family,” a statement said.

“We thank you in advance for giving Chico and the family some privacy at this time. Chico is now undergoing tests, and further statements will be released shortly.”

Chico, born Yousseph Slimani, married Daniyela Rakic in 2008. They have two children, Lalla-Kira and Zacharia.

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Photo Credit: Don-P News Channel

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