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Chief Editor’s letter – November 2018

Well, people it’s nearly time for yet another new year; can you believe it? But for now, it is #Movember time. So, for all the men out there suffering from health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicidal thoughts and other issues, we at TNT will be focusing our attention on you all this month. In a time were the news is dominated by the #MeToo movement that shines a light on the negative stories about men, #Movember’s arrival is timely and provides an opportunity to all to be charitable with their time, donations, emotional support and much more.

Nonetheless, much is happening in the world of sport, entertainment and business. We extend our sincere thoughts and prayers to the family of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the much-loved owner of Leicester Football Club who was killed in a helicopter crash last month. Vichai oversaw the remarkable 2015-2016 Premier League title campaign in which the unthinkable happened – Leicester won the Premiership. May his soul rest in peace.

In America, the mid-term elections have taken the limelight as record numbers of women are running for office. When Donald Trump won the election to be US president, more people came out to protest against it than celebrate it. Meanwhile, Barack Obama and Trump have been taking aim at each other at separate campaign rallies as Americans prepare to head to the polls.

Over here with Theresa May in power, we are heading for a ‘no deal’ Brexit which credit agency S&P is warning would spell property price falls, unemployment doubling and inflation rising. Pretty grim forecast at this time of the year when we should be looking forward to the new year, ey.

We are living in a time which resembles prophesised realities, like a colleague in our media suite said: “It’s like these are the end of days.” In my view, he has a point when you read about the disturbing amount of hate crimes in the news, however I cling onto hope and I’m a ‘career optimist’.

Anyway, enough of all that! Let’s talk Christmas. With just over 6–7 weeks left before Santa slides down our chimneys with Rudolph, let’s talk good will gestures instead of needless over-indulgence for kids this year. How about getting the kids to visit and help at a homeless shelter this year? Something positive and influential; plant the seeds of charity in their minds, let your kids be the change you want to see in the world.

Lots to read in this month’s edition. Rihanna makes a remarkable stance with Kaepernick’s movement vs The Super Bowl. I wonder whose idea it was to put AJ and son on the front cover of GQ? Have you seen the line up at MIF 2019…and more names are to be announced yet! No spoilers; look inside this month’s addition. We also have the world-famous Manchester Christmas markets countdown. Moss Side Leisure centre is back! From this month, Cannabis will be available on the NHS. This will offer comfort and pain relief for many millions of sufferers of various illnesses, yet still divides opinion somehow. Share your thoughts, people.

As Black History month ends, what impact, if any, did it have on you? To be honest, you know me. This year and the last few years have been abysmal! In Manchester it’s been outrageous, with even little to no events in community centres, theatres or schools. It is one month, you know and little to no effort made. Please change, people.

Until next time – Keep it 100.

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