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Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ is ‘game-changing’ and ‘breathtaking’

The reactions are pouring in after the release of Donald Glover’s (aka Childish Gambino) jaw-dropping music video for “This Is America,” which premiered shortly after he took the stage to host Saturday Night Live.

The four-minute clip, a stunning statement about violence and gun control in America, has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on social media, from Erykah Badu tweeting that Glover is a “genius,” to other fans praising it as a shoe-in for video of the year.

On the opposite side, some described the clip as “evil garbage,” noting the extreme, hard-hitting violence. Many also pondered the various elements of symbolism hidden within the clip.

It’s also worth noting that some onlookers are using the provocative “This Is America” video as a platform to continue bashing on Kanye West, who was slammed over the past week for his support of President Trump and suggesting on TMZ that slavery was a choice by African-Americans.

Some are commenting that West should be turning out the same type of relevant, thought-provoking music instead of pushing out songs with lyrics like “poopity scoop,” which is found in his new song “Life Yourself.”

“Kanye declares himself a genius drops ‘poopity scoop,’ Donald Glover drops #ThisIsAmerica & says nothing,” one person tweeted. Another wrote that “Childish Gambino is what Kanye aspires to be but fails to attain.”

Here are some of the most notable social media reactions to Childish Gambino’s “This Is America,” broken down into four categories: The Good, The Bad, The Kanye Bashing, and The Symbolic.

@hozier also tweeted: ‘New Childish Gambino video is absolutely game breaking. My God.’ Pansexual Janelle Monae then simply tweeted: ‘Donald. Glover’.

Obviously not everyone is pleased. ‘I think the shit trash too, the lyrics have no substance, just cause homie shooting someone in the back of the head in the beginning of the video dude is the second coming of public enemy’? @KeithLeGenD4 wrote.

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Photo Credit: Donald Glover

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