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Chinese food creates unity in the community

For 30 years, Hong Kong Chippy has been located on Henrietta Street in Old Trafford.

TNT spoke to Bovies, the newmanager of the takeaway.Bovies says the chippy is “popular”; many neighbouring local communities “know about Hong Kong”.

The takeaway appeals to the community as it offers the best of both worlds. It offers traditional British chippy food and a restaurant-style Chinese menu.

Bovies says, “whenever they’re talking about chippies, the only Chinese chippy is Hong Kong”. The preparation of contrasting food under the same roof, has allowed the chippy to attract “different people”.

This allows customers to “mix and match”. This is useful as it is a modern tendency to desire different foods at once.

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. TNT asked Bovies what the business will be doing to celebratethe New Year.

Bovies, says they may put up some decorations and make their shop more festive.  People will “understand how Chinese people celebrate the New Year”, he added. “It’s all about getting people together”.

Old Trafford is a culturally diverse area. Bovies says that the varied menu appeals to all. Bovies summed that they are all the same, and that we eat the same food and share similar tastes.

In 2017, the takeaway aims to appeal to students.

TNT tried the takeaway’s sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice, which was of superb quality. The “popular” order gains 4 out of 5 stars, it was of a restaurant standard.

The business will try to promote more of the Chinese traditional food to let people know that “their local [chippy], is as delicious as somewhere else”.

The chippy employs members of the diverse community. The delivery drivers are of African and Middle Eastern heritage – promoting a sense of unity and inclusion.

Chinese food is “not just Chinese” because it serves “different kinds of people”.

TNT Business Trishauna Stewart

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