Chinese New Year celebrations at Manchester Fo Guang Shan Temple

Manchester Fo Guang Shan Temple will be holding services and celebrations to welcome in the New Year.

The temple will be holding a Chinese New Year Dharma Service and a series of other New Year activities. These activities take place from 27th January 2017 to 12th February 2017.

Celebrations start with a Chinese New Year Eve’s Dinner on 27 January 2017. A free freshly prepared Chinese vegan meal will be offered. This event will begin at 7pm.

At 9pm, a Chinese New Year Eve’s Chanting Service will take place. Visitor can use the time between the two events to practice calligraphy and mandarin writing in the library.

Traditional Chinese customs will also be showcased in the main hall. An offering light, wishing tree and wishing bell can be found here. The temple is welcoming visitors to gather and wish for ‘greater happiness, health and wisdom’ in coming year.

Following these events, on Saturday 28th January, there will be an exciting lion dance performance. In addition to this, a Chinese New Year’s First Incense Offering Service and Morning Service will take place.

This will take place between midnight 12pm to 2pm. Those in attendance will be given a special New Year gift box at the end of the service.

There will also be Prostrations to the Thousand Buddha’s Dharma Service and Grand Offerings at 10:30am to 12:30pm. The same service runs on Sunday 29th January at the same time.

Manchester Fo Guang Shan Temple will also participate in the Chinese New Year Celebration at China Town. The celebration will occur on Sunday 29th January.

The celebrations will end on Sunday 12th February with a Chinese lantern festival, traditional music and a cultural performance.

Members of the community are welcome to attend the services and celebrations and share the ‘Dharma joy’.

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