Chip still Beefing with Bugzy – Dis War is far from over! – Watch

OMG! … Beef still in the streets between two of the Grime / Rap industry giants. 

Bugzy Vs Chip – The War continues..

A widespread war has heated up within the UK grime music scene, with Chip recently responding to the jibes of Bugzy Malone.

Chip returned to the music scene earlier this year on Charlie Sloth’s ‘Fire in The Booth’ and didn’t hold back on the UK grime scene. Whilst hinting at Bugzy Malone’s inferior position in the grime scene, Chip said, “The Premier League, it goes right down to Conference. Lets not get it twisted in this rap ting. I’ll be at your neck rudeboy”.

Just a month later Bugzy Malone joined Charlie sloth on Radio 1 Extra and although he sparsely directed comments at Chip, he was clearly satirising the style of the artist. Manchester born rapper Bugzy highlighted the fact that Chip is an MC, implying the notion that rappers are more skilled, he said “And why do I laugh at MC’s? A king will always laugh at a jester”.

Bugzy has adapted Chip’s ‘school of grime’ within his performance as he introduces a much more threatening tone. The rapper was rather more explicit in his response to Chipmunk, and in his song ‘Relegation Riddim’ he stated that, “I grab Chip in a headlock then use him”.

Big Narstie has also publically criticized the work of Chip, insisting that he belongs to pop music rather than the grime scene. Bugzy has allied with fellow grime artist Big Narstie by allowing him to make a cameo appearance on his track ‘Clash’.

Chipmunk has recently responded to the advances of Bugzy on his track ‘Pepper Riddim’. The Tottenham born singer prioritised the disagreement with Bugzy by starting including the line “grab the pen, clap it like leng, Bugzy I’m starting with you”.

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