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Chorlton High School’s Summer ELE

The end of the school year spells not only the advent of the summer holidays, but the end of exams, coursework and many other school projects. Phew, I hear all you teens say.

Amongst many of the things high school students have at this time is school sports competitions in which they not only showcase their talents but explore the areas in their capabilities in need of improvement.

This week, TNT’s educational spotlight is on one of Manchester’s local schools, Chorlton High School. In less than a fortnight, the school will be holding its Summer ELE which will run from Monday 22nd until Thursday 25th June.

Pupils will experience a range of exciting and creative learning experiences. Year 7’s will have their Future Festival, Year 8’s, their Graduation Festival and Year 9’s will be experiencing a fantastic Enterprise Event.

During this week the school will also have Sports Days and Trips for years 7 to 9.


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