Chris Brown’s affected by ‘hood cocktail’

Friends and family of American recording artist Chris Brown are believed to be seriously concerned about his way of life. The people closest to the singer claim that he is addicted to sizzurp and that the drink is taking over his life. Sizzurp otherwise known as ‘purple drank’ is a concoction that includes a prescription-strength cough syrup, that can be utilised as a recreational drug. Within the drink the mixture of codeine, promethazine and carbonated drinks allegedly produces mild euphoric side effects and a dissociative feeling from parts of the body.

The latest evidence of Chris Brown’s reliance upon the drink comes as he was pictured with a bottle of it at an L.A Pumpkin patch, where he took his daughter Royalty to buy a pumpkin. The pictures show the singer sitting on a bale of hay with a double-stacked red cup at his feet, whilst another double cup can also be seen behind him. The increase in concern from Chris Brown’s loved one’s has developed as they believe that the addiction has grown in the last couple of weeks, they say that he has been drinking sizzurp around Royalty and their worried that he could lose custody of his child.

During Chris’ custody battle he tested positive for codeine however the judge made an exception for him as he had a prescription. A recent video displays Chris at the birthday party of Tyga’s son, drinking a double cup while riding a bike. The video also shows a man carrying a bottle of codeine and soda, before showing a group of men mixing the ingredients in a parking lot in broad daylight at a child’s party. In April of 2014 Chris Brown blamed his angry rants and violent demeanour on an addiction to a ‘hood cocktail’, which included codeine-based cough syrup, Xanax and soda.

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