Chris Brown’s strict new house rules

After his very public standoff with police, Chris Brown has been given severely strict house rules that he – and all of his friends – must abide by.

What started as an innocent house party with friends soon turned into a police standoff after reports that the 27-year-old singer pulled a gun on an attendee in an argument.

According to sources, the ‘Loyal’ singer and the security team at his LA mansion are “clamping down” with the guest policy when hosting parties. Guests arriving at his parties will have to be personally invited, as staff are told not to admit any “randoms”.

Party guests will also be banned from bringing their own alcohol and drugs to his home.

His two housemates will now have to submit a guest list to him in writing before being allowed to host any more parties. Within the list, descriptions of the potential party guests will also have to be included to help the singer make his decision.

Chris has been charged on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and is expected to appear in court on September 20.

Despite these charges, neither a gun nor the jewellery – which was the alleged cause of the argument– have been found in the property.

Speaking of the reports, Brown has publically stated: “I cannot wait till the truth comes to light about this incident and this situation. I’m glad all my real supporters know me, and know the truth and see the truth”.

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Photo Credit: Ultra Music

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