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Chris Gayle suing over indecency claims

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle has begun legal action against an Australian paper which alleged he ‘flashed’ at a woman in his dressing room.

The West Indies star ‘strongly denied’ claims by Fairfax Media that he exposed himself during the World Cup in Sydney last year.

In January of this year, the 36-year-old all-rounder was fined £4,800 for making flirtatious comments to a female reporter in a TV interview.

The issue has sparked debate across social media, with many asking that ‘Why is it sexist when a man flirts with a female interviewer, but hilarious when the roles are reversed?’

That question led to many slamming the ‘hypocrisy’ in our society, after Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann were arguably the reason for what may now be called ‘the most cringe-worthy, crass and sexist celebrity interview in living memory earlier this week’.

In a car crash of an interview to promote their new chick flick, How To Be Single, Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann flirt shamelessly for a full three minutes with interviewer Chris Van Vliet.

“You’re handsome! Look! Hot guy”!, Mann says to Vliet. Then Johnson, perhaps still in character from Fifty Shades of Grey, orders the interviewer to take off his shirt, adding, “You look like you pump iron. You get swolled up. Swole patrol”.

Piers Morgan later tweeted writing, “Women find this funny. So do I. But if Chris Gayle did it, there would be outrage. Just utter hypocrisy”.

While MegAnimefreakx3 on YouTube commented, “Double standards. If two male actors did this to female reporter it would be sexual harassment. This should be treated the same”.

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