Chris Rock drops the N-word on Graham Norton Show

Chris Rock drops the N-word on British TV and viewers are mad!

Chris Rock used the n-word on the latest edition of The Graham Norton Show and some viewers are not happy. The comedian was on the couch with Kate Winslet, Idris Elba and Liam Gallagher ahead of his worldwide 2017/2018 tour.

The 52-year-old began his appearance on Graham’s sofa in his usual envelope-pushing manner by saying of Winslet: ‘I’ve always admired Kate for her work. She’s the only white woman celebrity with white children in the world.

‘That is quite an accomplishment, just you. Somebody giving white kids a chance, for once.’ Kate was in stitches, saying: ‘I love how much you can get away with.’ But some viewers reckoned Chris went too far later in the show.

The star was telling a story about fellow friend and comedian Eddie Murphy when he dropped the n-word into conversation. Chris said: ‘I remember being at a club with Eddie Murphy, and Donald Trump was in this club.

‘This girl comes up to Eddie and goes, “Eddie Murphy, I love you so much”. It’s a white girl. “I’ve never kissed a black man in my life. Can I please kiss you? Please, I just want to be able to say I’ve kissed a black man.”

‘Of course, Eddie’s got this big entourage of 30. And Eddie goes, “OK, OK. Let’s get this straight. You can’t start at the top. You gotta kiss some of these broke n****s first.”’

Graham, Idris and Kate cracked up at the tale, but some viewers weren’t impressed with his use of the n-word.

Some fumed that BBC didn’t edit the word out before airing the pre-recorded show.

Others said there would’ve been horror if Kate, Graham or Liam uttered the word.

However, other viewers brushed off Chris’s use of the word and urged annoyed fans to calm down.

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