Christmas desserts from around the world

Let’s face it, resisting those attractive desserts and sweets during Christmas is perhaps one of the hardest challenges in life. If achieved, a certificate of some sort is due.

Sweet dishes at Christmas are perhaps the reason so many countries around the world have created their own traditional desserts. To share with and test their loved ones’ inevitably failing resilience.

A challenge it may be, we have made a list of some of the best seasonal and diverse dessert dishes to try out.

Linzer Cookies – Austria

These Austrian made cookies are a favourite amongst many households. They are traditionally made with fruit filling, and feature seedless raspberry jam in between two buttery cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar. If you can’t afford spending too much time on baking, then that’s the best Christmas treat as they are so easy to make.

Dried Fruit Cake – Italy

A classic dessert that will blow your taste buds away. Having its roots in ancient Rome, this recipe consists of five kinds of dried fruit and three kinds of nuts. It’s a perfect spiced cake for holiday giving. Give this a try and you won’t miss out.

Turron – Spain  

Turron makes the star of Christmas in Spain. It is a sweet that comes in different forms and flavours depending on its region. Turron duro is a delicious crunchy nougat of egg, honey, almonds and sugar. Turron blando is softened by adding olive oil. You can find many other twists including chocolate, fruit and whiskey!

Caballeros Ricos – Mexico

It’s basically bread pudding with almonds and cinnamon syrup. But thanks to the combination of whole milk, coffee, cloves, and almonds, this Mexican dessert is just made out of heaven. It sounds delicious and it’s definitely worth a chance.

Melomakarona – Greece

A delicious cookie treat, originated back in Greece. It is traditionally served during the festive season. They are syrupy sweet with honey and orange zest topped with chopped walnut. If you’d like to go extra this time, add a cinnamon stick on the side.

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