Christmas films to watch

Christmas is the ideal season of the year to gather all your friends and family together  and spend some cosy time in, watching your favourite Christmas films. TNT is here to offer some classic and recent film suggestions for your quiet, yet festive weekends.

Home Alone

It just doesn’t get old. Home alone is probably the classiest Christmas film and people around the world love it. It’s the perfect family film and something that the kids will always enjoy. If you are up for round two, make sure you watch Home Alone 2 as well.


If you like a little bit of a fantasy in your films, then this is definitely a Christmas must. Another family friendly film; it can turn a rainy day during Christmas into a cosy and satisfying family time.

The Best Man Holiday

A Christmas get together scenario that gives loads of honest laughs. This comedy film gives you a mixture of humour and sentimentality. An awkward reunion that will get you hooked from the beginning.

Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Just think about it. There’s no Christmas without chocolate and this film makes sure everyone knows about it. It’s witty, imaginative and adventurous. Gather your family together and give this film a try.

Jingle all the way

A film to get you in the holiday spirit and one that you might relate to; if your kid has asked for a Christmas present that you just can’t find anywhere! Again, a family friendly film that you won’t regret watching with your kids.

Bad Santa

Watch this with your friends and have a laugh with. It’s a black comedy, a little bit rude and there’s a Santa that’s a bit different from the rest. Bad Santa is not for everyone but if you like this film, watch the second one that was released just a year ago.

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