Christmas gift ideas for under-13 boys

With the recent news that grandparents are going into incredible debt just to afford Christmas presents for their families, particularly their grandchildren, gift-shopping does not have to increase your blood pressure that much. If it must, then let it be just inject the adrenaline rush of excitement this season naturally brings.

Buying presents for boys under-13 can be quite a fun-filled adventure. The energy, enthusiasm and sheer love for gifts at this age is one to savour, if not join-in.  We have gathered a list of interesting gift ideas to help you crack on with your thoughts and shopping tasks.

Sports Kit

If the boy is into sports, consider buying him the relevant sport kit. If he likes football, buy him a football ball or a pair of goalkeeper gloves. If he likes basketball better, get him the relevant ball or a basketball t-shirt. Find all kind of sport kits from Sports Direct, or JD sports.

Table Tennis Table

The perfect gift to keep the kids busy on a rainy day. We do not suggest buying the proper, professional table tennis table, but the one perfectly designed for kids. You can find it from Tesco Direct.

Video Games

Video games have become one of the most enjoyable activities for kids and with this gift you will make him the happiest. There’s a range of video games to choose from but make sure you check the age rating before you buy one. Get it from GAME or Amazon.

Radio controlled car

If he likes spending time playing with his toy cars then he’s sure to love this one. Radio controlled cars are battery powered model cars that can be controlled from a distance using a remote! Get it from Argos, Tesco Direct or MenKind.

Star Wars Droid

Based on the latest Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens, this little toy is sure to catch the kid’s attention. The Droid adapts to different personalities and interacts with the kid while he plays. Buy it from Argos or the Disney Store.

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