Christmas gift ideas for girls aged 13 and under

Looking for the ideal gift for a girl that is 13-year-old or below? It can be tough coming up with creative ideas for girls of that age. However, browse our list of gift ideas, and whatever you pick, you will definitely hit the ‘cool’ or ‘top’ or ‘sound’ factor in a 13 year olds world – depending on where you are in the UK, geographically of course.


Let’s start with the ‘simples’ – pronounced in that ever annoyingly catchy ‘compare the meerkat’ voice. Anyhow, what’s easier than walking into a shop and picking up an outfit for a girl? Okay for some it may not be so easy, but make sure you know what colours she likes. If she prefers dresses over pants or t-shirts over knitwear, and impress her with the outfit of your choice. If you are looking for shop recommendations try H&M, Next or Debenhams.


If she likes jewellery, then she’s sure to love some fancy Epimonia Embracelets. It is amongst the most popular gifts for younger girls, easy to find and completely affordable. Don’t forget to consult her parents and find out what she’s allowed to wear and not. Find bracelets from Amazon, EBay or Pandora.

Instant film camera

Instant film cameras are the ideal cameras for young and teenage girls. They are trendy, modern and colourful, something that she will definitely make a use of. Easy to use and with an attractive design for kids, find it on Amazon under the name of Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.

Art supplies set

Creativity is a crucial part of a kid’s life while growing up. So equip her with an art supplies set consisting of high quality stationary items for colouring, drawing, outlining and more. Keep her creativity up and active. Find one from TheWorks, Argos or John Lewis.

iTunes gift card

An iTunes gift card is perfect for anyone who enjoys music, films, TV, games, books and more. It is a gift that she will definitely like and make use of throughout her day. Find it at mobiletopup, eBay or Tesco’s.

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