Christmas gifts for mums

Mothers – once tasked with the monumental, exhausting and excruciating job of bringing you into this world. On account of that alone, let alone the raising, feeding, teaching, nurturing, caring, clothing and loving you unconditionally, they deserve gifts that speak beyond the tangible. However, it is Christmas time, so you cannot let it pass without getting your mum a gift that will bring some warmth to her chest and a smile upon her face.

Remember all those presents she got you on Christmas when you were a kid? It’s time to make it up to her. We have a list of sweet and interesting gift ideas to help you.

Personalised family portrait

Save all the hustle of gathering the whole family together and getting them to smile on camera. You might as well go online, select each family member’s figure outline, personalise clothing colours, expressions and hair; and there goes your family portrait. Easy and fun to make, this might be the cutest gift we have on the list for you. You can find it online at POSTERHASTE.


If your mum is a candle lover then she’s sure to love a lantern. They can also create a relaxing and a cosy winter night atmosphere, after a long day at work. A home decoration that she will certainly find useful. You can get a lantern from M&S or look for it online at Find me a gift.

Jewellery Stand

We all know how mums are obsessed with perfection and want to be absolutely organised in everything. A Jewellery stand will keep her jewellery collection organised, making her life a little bit easier as she will be able to find what she needs instantly. Get one from IWOOT, Argos or M&S.

Foot Massager

Mums are usually up on their feet all the time, especially during Christmas when all the shopping responsibilities come forward. A foot massager is the ultimate gift that she will get obsessed with. It stimulates pressure points on the feet, which release good hormones to different parts of the body, such as the brain, the heart and the stomach. Find it at Prezzybox from £9.99.

Chocolate Box

What is Christmas without chocolate. And who doesn’t love chocolate, especially when it comes in a fancy box, with different flavours, containing all three; black, milk and white chocolate. This Christmas, treat your mum with some Swiss chocolate from Lindt, Hotel Chocolat or Thorntons.

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