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Christmas House Decorations

Decorating your home during Christmas is perhaps the most thrilling chore this time of the year. It’s a centuries-old tradition that has translated the festive warmth and fun of yesteryear to each new generation.

Firstly, if you haven’t decorated your home already then do so now. Just DIY Decor can help you find avenues to making it possible as the pines are getting covered in snow soon. You ought to have cracked on with the décor long before the Christmas Day. Here, at the TNT, we have gathered some Christmas décor ideas to add to your existing or non-existent decorations to create that cosy home jingle-all-the-way theme.

Green Layers

Give your home an instant festive feel with some green layers. Layers of artificial pine tree branches decorated with winter berries will certainly make your home look cosy and Christmassy. You can decorate them around a fireplace or near a window. Get yours online from The White Company for £52.50. Don’t forget to stack a few logs of wood around the fireplace to complete its look. You can find the best wood splitters on in case you are looking for one.

Candy Canes

Keeping treats on display couldn’t shout anything less than Christmas. You can decorate some of your candy canes around the house, by putting them on your Christmas tree or hanging them on your green layers. Find them at Wilko, The Works or take a look around your grocery store.

Stash your treats

As mentioned before, stashing your treats is a must. It makes it easier for the guests (and you) to access the festive biscuits, treats and beverages. Plus, they add into the seasonal festive spirits.

Garland Candles

Bring the season to life with an aroma of zesty cranberries. Garland candles set the mood, and create the cosiest of homes during a rainy day in. If you are a candle addict or have a passion for fragrance, this is the ideal house décor. Get yours from Yankee Candle or find them online at EBay or Amazon.


Do it the traditional way. Decorate your home with wreaths and welcome your visitors like a boss. There’s a range of wreaths to choose from including floral and handmade wreaths. Get them from Tesco Direct or John Lewis.

TNT Christmas Countdown

Photo Credit: Daria-Yakovleva

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