Christmas Jumper Day 2016

On Friday 16 December, Britain will take part in 2016’s ‘Christmas Jumper Day’. Every local community will come together in aid of Save the Children, donning their favourite festive jumper. If you’re in work, school, or anywhere else, make sure you do your bit. Just donate £2 if you’re an adult and £1 for kids to help save a child’s life this Christmas.

If you haven’t yet jumped on the Christmas jumper bandwagon or simply can’t get enough, TNT is here to help. We have compiled a list of some of the best Christmas jumpers on offer in Manchester city centre.


TNT’s first stop was Manchester Arndale’s H&M store. H&M have a wide selection of festive jumpers in stock, all priced at £5.99 each. They’ve dropped the woolly style, opting for thinner jumpers in their collection. There’s a running theme of colourful cartoon images on the jumpers, plus some with a humorous tone. One jumper reads, ‘Dear Santa, can we negotiate?’

TK Maxx

Unlike H&M, the Arndale’s TK Maxx has opted to sell more authentic Christmas jumpers. These woolly garments are thicker and so more expensive than the rest in this list, but are still reasonably priced. Both jumpers pictured – currently the only two options in the Manchester store – are priced at £16.99 each.

Thrift Shop

For an affordable yet quirky option, there’s a large collection on offer at Manchester’s ‘Thrift Shop’. Thrift Shop is located in the Piccadilly Plaza and has some great offers. Christmas jumpers are priced at £6 each or 2 for £10. Most only wear their Christmas jumpers for a few days or a few weeks of the year. For this reason, it really is hard to justify spending a fortune when you could get one for a bargain.

Whether you get your Christmas jumper from one of the above or from somewhere else, make sure you get involved. Christmas Jumper Day is not only lots of fun but is for a brilliant cause.

TNT Christmas

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