Cindy Mckenzie brings ‘Force Ripe’ to the UK

Following a successful debut novel launch in Grenada and recent North America tour, Grenadian Author Cindy McKenzie brings her book – Force Ripe – to the UK.

A book that has taken 14 years to produce, Force Ripe is written from the perspective of Lee, the protagonist who takes the reader on her journey. From her first memories, of life in a Rastafarian community, through foster care and her subsequent reunion with her mother as a teenager.

Lee draws from images, characters, stories told and historical events, to weave a portrayal of a little girl’s survival and an important part of her island’s history.

The novel makes liberal use of Grenadian creole dialect and local idioms, adding to the authenticity of the characters. Themes of immigration (barrel children), the extended family structure, Rastafarianism, and the Grenada Revolution, amongst others, hold special appeal for a wide audience, especially readers with an appetite and longing for more Caribbean literary works.

Author and Director of Grenada Community Library & Resource Centre Inc, Ms. Oonya Kempadoo, congratulated Ms. McKenzie on her accomplishment, calling it a proud moment.

Ms. Kempadoo further applauded the writer for her “significant contribution to Caribbean literature, world literature, and local language on the page in a way not previously heard before”.

Force Ripe is available for purchase in the UK, from the author Cindy McKenzie, on Amazon and a few distribution outlets in Grenada.

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