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Cole leaves fans ‘blown away’ as he performs unreleased album

Cole fans in London were in for one heck of a treat on 17 April when he dropped a secret gig on Twitter, which turned out to be a listening session for his unreleased album.

The American rapper revealed on Monday that he would release his album, simply known as KOD, on 20 April and that same night offered fans near New York City the chance to hear it first; the next day he flew to London and offered UK fans the same.

‘London. Meet me here today. First come first serve,’ he tweeted at 4pm on 17 April and hours later dedicated fans were in a secret location listening to his new work.

‘Man if the last J. Cole album had you on the edge of a cliff wondering whether or not to end it all, this one will fly kick you off the edge,’ one fan tweeted after, while a second added: ‘This Album is about to blow everyone away. Completely amazing. Thank you @JColeNC.’

Another fan, @theoville1, tweeted: ‘J Cole the only rapper/artist to make me bounce from one end of London to another. Worth it!’

@mrdamesi on tweeted: ‘Kids on Drugs, King’s Overdose, Kill Our Demons. Cole went in hard with this one! Thanks for the free show @JColeNC’

It’s not the first time Cole has shocked fans with the news of an impending album; in 2014 he used the same tactics for the release of 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

The album has no lead singles but reached double platinum status, and his follow up tour grossed $16 million [£11.2million].

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Photo Credit: _cbudd

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