The mask you wear will slip, fall eventually
When the real you decides to break free
Spilling from teeth of faked grins
And cracks of forced smiles
Leaking through ducts of glassy, flat eyes

New Clothes worn, shoes new tread
Cars and houses filled with the dead
Masquerading as macabre zombies brought to life
When really theres empty space inside
Pleading to be filled with
A camouflage of what’s right
Shades blend with the nature of ego
Can’t let go
Won’t let go
And so

This insecurity
Masked in joviality
Draped in profanity
Dressed in over compensation of femininity, masculinity
Made up in hues of blusher and tide marks
They say the clothes maketh the man
But they reveal more than the eyes can

Muscle and sinew don’t beget strength
Full lips and round hips don’t foster respect
Representations of what we think society expects
Whilst we neglect our true selves
The mask is anger, laughter, promiscuity, violence
It screams and cries for attention
But is embarrassingly silent

Look inside, where the magic lives
Drag that false face off
Be the light the dark runs from
In the great symphony that is you
Reds, yellows, purples and blues
All the hues that make up truth
Dance against the backdrop of existence
Then jump off the canvas
You’re heart is your art
Your art is your heart
You are the artist
So paint a different path

You walk this earth for a reason
You have purpose in every season
Your steps are marked with sacred murmurs
As the earth accepts the beat of your feet
Can’t you see?

You are more than worthy
Remove the blind
That keeps you blind
And clouds the sight
In blurry images of a counterfeit life
Open your eyes and see
Your Hidden Colours
By Angeli Sweeney

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