ComedyMania Review

It was a great treat for Manchester as Aurie Styla brought ComedyMania to Deansgate Locks. Aurie came up from London with his crew – Slim, Rudi Lickwood, Babatunde and Judy Thomas – on Sunday 22 March to explode onto the Comedy Store stage.

Aurie Styla is not just the ‘Sniper Pose’ comedian; he runs his comedy tour ‘ComedyMania’ across the UK, bringing several comedians to different cities to infect them with the ComedyMania bug.

Aurie, as both a compare and comedian, was a superb breath of fresh air to the new trend in black comedy descending upon the UK. Great personality, smiles and just the right amount of witty banter was delivered flawlessly.

Each comedian had strong memorable material exploring cultural differences and political stances on current affairs that were executed with Cockney comedic licence. The subjects are funny because they are relatable; we all know people like those they mimic, and can recall memories that mirror the experiences they speak of. This was entertainment at its finest.

Although not considered mainstream, these comedians are iconic on the black comedy circuit.

Slim: Amongst the nations favourite comedians and is truly a household name.

Rudi Lickwood: A veteran with 20 years under his belt and a top UK comedian.

Babatunde: Award winning comedian, a young, hilarious, new kid on the block.

Judy Thomas: Fresh to the comedy circuit and the only women in the line up, a force to be reckoned with.


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