Community groups invited to apply now for funding

Community groups in Manchester are being invited to apply now for funding that has been put aside by the council. The funds are to help support community events across the city in 2018/19.

Last year the council provided £300,000 of support across 19 community events and festivals. These included Manchester Day, Manchester Mela, Chinese New Year, and Caribbean Carnival. The Manchester Italian Parade, and the Jewish Arts and Food Festival were also on the list.

Each of the events provided the opportunity for locally-based organisations to create activities for people from Manchester to participate in. They also offered people a chance to volunteer at, or simply attend and learn more about other communities and cultures.

It’s estimated that last year’s programme of community events and festivals was attended by over 280,000 people. It also provided the opportunity for around 14,000 people to participate in creating the activities on offer. The events also play an important part in helping drive investment and spend.

Last year’s events drew in over £750,000 of partner funding and generated an estimated £9m visitor spend into the local economy.

Community groups wanting to apply for funding this year need to apply before the deadline of Friday 2 February.

Events can be defined by place, people, heritage, or a shared common interest. They should celebrate and positively promote what an individual community represents.

It’s up to community groups themselves to decide how best to showcase their community. However, events should be designed to attract an audience and participants from across the whole city. They should not just attract audience and participants from within their local community or neighbourhood alone.

Applications for funding will only be accepted from established community groups, and all events must be not-for-profit.

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Photo Credit: Manchester City Council

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