Community Shield: Blues lose to Arsenal’s 14th attempt

It has taken 14 attempts for Arsene Wenger to beat Jose Morinho. In the FA’s early-season Community Shield at Wembley yesterday, Wenger’s men beat Chelsea 1-0 in a contest that was more between the two rival managers than the players.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s 24th minute goal secured The Gunners’ win against the Premier League champions.

Both Ramires and Eden Hazard missed excellent chances for Chelsea as they failed to break down a resolute Arsenal defence.

Mourinho, who tossed his runners-up medal into the crowd after the match, also acknowledged his team are not up to full speed yet and was critical of the pitch.

When asked if he was relieved at beating Mourinho for the first time in 14 games, Wenger said, “For me? No, because it is Arsenal versus Chelsea, it is not the two managers. It is two teams who play against each other.”

The friction between the two managers is what draws a lot of the attention from the pitch onto the touchline.

On losing to Wenger for the first time, Mourinho said: “I never had a psychological edge. It’s not normal what happened before, and because it’s not normal I never paid attention to that.

“I always thought one game is one game and has no relation with other games. Thirteen matches is an eternity. It has never been a question of beating someone and losing to another one.”

Once again, Wenger professed indifference at Mourinho’s unbeaten run over him and finally having broken it at the 14th attempt. “As long as I got it [the run] served every time in press conferences it could have an impact on the team,” he said.

Mourinho looked anything but indifferent to defeat, making a great show of congratulating every Arsenal player as they came down the steps, as the Chelsea manager made his exit.

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