Concern for refugees in Calais camp – Watch

Concern is growing for refugee migrants who are undergoing processing in Calais, Northern France.

The migrants – mainly of East African and Middle Eastern origin – have been ‘contained’ within the ‘Calais Jungle’ as their make-shift camps face demolition. Since 24 October 2016, the French government have been taking physical action, in efforts to remove and relocate migrants from the area.

The treatment of the refugees by the French government has been viewed to be largely concerning by humanitarian groups. Police officers have been using tear gas to encourage the movement of individuals from the area. Additionally, refugees have been ‘tagged’ with colour-coded wristbands and families face separation.

Such circumstances illustrate some of the few problems faced by refugees when they migrate from their homeland. In the crossing of borders, migrants are often treated as less than human beings.

In recent months since Brexit, Britain has sought to monitor and assess the strategies used to contain migrants.

TNT News

Photo Credit: Stefan de Vries

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