Conflict with parents

The clothes you wear. Where you go and how you get there. The people you’re friends with. What time you go to bed.

These are only a handful of the things that all parents are used to deciding about their child’s life. For smaller children, parent’s authority is necessary; however as you are maturing, you naturally begin to challenge who makes these decisions.

For many parents this sudden battle for control is shocking, and while they are trying to adjust to their new, assertive child, they are equally trying to keep their authority. As teenagers, this is often frustrating: so this leads to conflict.

From my own experience, the key to freedom is compromise. Be patient and build the trust up slowly.

You might be able to go to that sleepover, if you allow your parents to contact your friend’s parents (even though it’s embarrassing!)

You might be allowed to travel alone to London, if you text them every hour.
You might even be able to go to that festival, if you allow your dad to pick you up at 11pm.

Some arguments are inevitable, and indeed healthy between parents and teenagers; it’s part of growing up, but it isn’t about winning or losing.

With compromise comes reassurance for your parents and, more importantly, opportunity for you.

TNT Growing Pains Anna Seifu

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